design talk.

materials. production. development.

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not sure.

design is not linear, nor a line at all. it is like none other, an intricate commingling of extrusions, offcuts, faces and layers. The layers, each of which unique and previously unexplored, are on their own, platforms for design inquiry. Having an over-stimulated thought process and insatiable curiosity for detail and meaning, this occasionally leads to my creating of multiple dialects within a concept, thus throwing myself deeper down the rabbit hole. Initially, the need to push back every layer of a designs construct presented as an obstacle, one that required extensive refining and simplifying. However, during my recent graduate year and reflecting on my processes, it was the extended divergence period, my inquisitive nature that lead to the convergence and understanding of my areas of interest within design - materials, production, development.